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Friday Jun 26, 2020

methods used in collecting blood during blood donation. ( whole blood collection & Apheresis Blood collection

Friday Jun 05, 2020

One cannot donate blood if you are infected with transfusion transmissible infection (HIV, HBV, HCV, syphillis) primarily.

Friday May 29, 2020

voluntary blood donor card is a small booklet mostly colored red which contains the donor’s blood Group, contact & personal details, certificate of donation and history of donation.

Friday May 15, 2020

Plasma Once thawed, it can be kept at a temperature of 1–6 ºC for 5 days. Also Plasma can usually be stored frozen, at −18 ºC for a year or at −65 ºC for seven years.

Friday May 08, 2020

whole blood can be refrigerated for up to 35 days depending on the type of anticoagulant used at a temperature of 1-6 degrees celcious.

Friday May 01, 2020

Part 2 of the four main component of blood . (white blood cells & platelets.)

Friday Apr 24, 2020

There are Four (4) main components of whole blood and this podcast talks of two (2) thats Plasma and Red Blood Cell

Friday Apr 17, 2020

These are two amongst the 4 main essentials checked before blood donation.

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